Sunday, 23 July 2017

Couched 11

West Leicester, April 2017

Tubers are long to long-oval and have good skin finish.  In the final of the competition, the contestants must negotiate a demanding navigation test, and to add to the pressure, their driving skills are under scrutiny.  It has good chipping potential particularly early in the season.  However, the road restrictions and ban on Sat Navs quickly take their toll.  Next, the camping enthusiasts take on the hospitality challenge to common scab, powdery scab, spraing, mild mosaic virus and slugs, with Caravan Club Chairman Grenville Chamberlain, motorhome journalist Andy Harris, and guest judge Martin Dorey appraising their efforts before selecting the winner.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Tempus Fidget

Pink Floyd, 'Time'.  From The Album: 'The Dark Side Of The Moon', Harvest, 1973

Seaford Mods, 'Time Sands' (Live).  From The Album: 'English Tapas', Rough Trade, 2017

Charles Baudelaire, 'The Clock'

"The Clock! a sinister, impassive god
Whose threatening finger says to us: 'Remember!
Soon in your anguished heart, as in a target,
Quivering shafts of Grief will plant themselves;

Vaporous Joy glides over the horizon
The way a sylphid flits into the wings;
Each instant eats a piece of the delight
A man is granted for his earthly season.

Three thousand and six hundred times an hour
The Second sighs, Remember! Suddenly
That droning insect Now says: I am Past
And I have sucked your life into my nostril!

Esto memor! Remember! Souviens-toi!
(My metal throat speaks out in a every language)
Don't let the minutes, prodigal, be wasted
They are the ore you must refine for gold!

Remember, Time is greedy at the game
And wins on every roll! perfectly legal.
The day runs down; the night comes on; remember!
The water-clock bleeds into the abyss.

Soon sounds the hour when Chance the heavenly,
When Virtue the august, eternal virgin,
When even (oh! your last retreat) Repentance,
Will tell you: Die old coward! it's too late!'"

Charles Baudelaire, 'The Clock', From: 'Les Fleures Du Mal ('The Flowers Of Evil'), First Published: Paris, 1855-57, Trans. James McGowan, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1993

Happy Birthday to me...

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Elided Views 3: Strategic Report

Central Nottingham, April 2017

Myth is a story that can be retold by anyone, with infinite variation, and still be recognisable as itself. The outline of surviving myth is re-recognised in the lives of each generation, in a parade of receding illumination.  The Board remains focused on ensuring that the Group’s risk management and internal control systems are effective in underpinning robust decision-making on major activities, but the odds against winning are incredible.  It’s not a fairy story or a religious myth; it has no monsters, gods or wizards in it, only human beings. It’s not a parable. In place of a moral, it has a plan of action (the stillage of suffocating membranes).  The Board has continued to debate and develop its understanding of risk, risk appetite and tolerance, risk testing and how we can maximise our opportunities. (It Could Be You).  As we move forward, the Board’s challenge will be to oversee the integration of these systems with the Group’s strategic priorities as they continue to evolve.

The entry level for national myth is high. It’s not that the mythical hero must have some basis in historical fact: that might actually be an obstacle. It’s that any individual must be able to interrogate their own memory to assemble their own version of the myth.  Transparency is compromised, apparency - wrinkled.  The vast majority of our UK retail colleagues are already realising the opportunity to earn top quartile reward (Semi-Skimmed) with over 88% of the Executive Committee and UK retail colleagues at Work Levels 1–5 having the potential to earn upper quartile reward (2.272L).  A crazed starburst of damage emerges - A Little Better Everyday.  Rather than, as in the past, repairing the damage by some combination of tax increases and public spending - we are being prescribed cuts, cuts, cuts.  Fracturing is checked in plain sight.  Behind the twisted rhetoric of a hardworking majority oppressed by a welfare-mad government, a modern version of the medieval world has been constructed, one where the real poor are taxed more heavily than the rich (The Bagging Area).  This was a strong performance in a deflationary retail market and against a background of intense competition.

There is a cynical view which says that as long as the majority of the population feel they’re doing all right, a democratically elected government is safe to squeeze the poor and pamper the rich.  Every Little Helps.  If those who attempt to interpret the world do so only through the prism of professional thinkers, and ignore the persistence of myth in everyday thought and speech, the interpretations will be deficient. There is a shedding of skin and a caging of waste.  Three scenarios have been modelled, considered severe but plausible, that encompass these identified risks. None of these scenarios individually threaten the viability of the Company, therefore the compound impact of these scenarios has been evaluated as the most severe stress scenario.  Insofar as bandits have a ‘programme’, it is the defence or restoration of the traditional order of things ‘as it should be’ (which in traditional societies means as it is believed to have been in some real or mythical past).  Various contra-indicators point the way.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Elided Views 2: Cloud Of Unknowing

All Images:  Digbeth, Birmingham, June 2017

We are pleased to be returning in April for the next session of our working group on further and higher education.  Distant bulbs glow inside a tank of Information, whilst a floating lock secures the truncated Entrance.  We do a lot of work for some of the UK’s biggest digital, marketing and advertising agencies under a white label basis, so most of this we can’t disclose.  There is a small Push against translucency, and a mocking reversal floats beyond.  We urge all those working within the creative sector to join the Federation and support their superb work.

The VR market is going to grow at a rapid rate and it is estimated that by 2020 there will be some sort of VR device in most homes.  An apparition has materialised amidst leather seating and designer lighting, and high-quality hardwood flooring is employed throughout.  Inside Out tracking will get rid of the reliance on a hefty PC and the sensors as it will all be contained within the VR headset itself – nobody wants to accidently kick the cat/dog or trip over anything while doing this! This should also keep the cost down for anyone wanting to get the full Room Scale experience.

An anchor-point rises amidst curls of tape and the detritus of vacation.  The new studio is due to open in September, with the fit-out of the office space currently underway.  Also, an empty space is required to safely navigate the VR world.  The Fragile contents are boxed up beneath the desk.  If you wanted to duck under a table in a VR world then the user simply ducks with their own body and the VR sensors will pick up the movement and replicate it in the VR world.

Traditional leaded panes can be protected behind sheets of clear acrylic, but it is still necessary to highlight stray bullet holes.  This is fine as gamers are often the adopters of early technology and games are perfect for a platform like VR.  Augmented Reality is also looking very promising and I believe the mix of both VR and AR will be built into most new headsets over the next few years.  Elliptical balconies hover over the fa├žade - like a retro-futurist mirage.  It’s kind of tricky to explain fully, but take a look at this video to see the full potential of Mixed Reality…

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Elided Views 1: Available Spaces

All Images:  Digbeth, Birmingham, June 2017

The prolonged economic uncertainty that has undermined the UK business market over recent years has made building a start-up company an incredibly challenging pursuit (Bass Dominators - Close 2 Death).  With start-up business failure rates in the first three years often quoted as highly as 80%, the decisions that entrepreneurs take in their formative months can make or break the company.  Staircases descend to the Courier’s van and vacant courtyard.

Set up or grow your shop, behind the bin-bag curtain, in a community of like-minded retailers in one of the most exciting districts in the city!  Machine polished and located with adhesive strips.  We love DNB.  All of our chic and unique venues have super-fast WiFi connectivity and an expert professional team on hand to help throughout the planning process and on the day itself.  Modular construction annexes vinyl floor tiles and forgotten shelving, Mate.

We cater for everything for the corporate firm – from boardroom meetings and seminars, to intimate cocktail receptions, to large scale corporate parties, to conferences for up to 225 delegates.  Fresh New Talent flies over the blue-tinted vista.  The dumper is rendered safe behind HSE-approved barricades at considerable inconvenience.

We can offer exclusive venue hire and even drive-in facilities – ideal for car and product launches (indoors for the white estate), along with plenty of surrounding parking facilities (outdoors for the red hatchback).

What’s On:  Joyful pavilions are raised against an emoji sky.  Customers are able to print their own shapes, names, drawings or even a ‘gummy selfie’ in their favourite flavour which is sure to prove popular with friends. Dates are as follows…


Sunday, 9 July 2017

Couched 10

West Leicester, April 2017

The Girl of the title (Parentage: Vales Emerald x 1288 AF 23) Margaret Howe Lovatt, and others talk candidly of their work in the domestic dolphinarium, built to the specifications of US neuroscientist John Lilly (Breeder Agent: Greenvale AP).  An attempt to teach Bottlenoses to speak English (some of the animals’ mimicry is remarkable) later became corrupted by Lilly’s LSD intake – and some major line-crossing.  So this is no cutesy wildlife doc. (Breeder Rights [expiry]: Not set).

On the positive side, lessons were learnt, and there is a heartening postscript…