Thursday, 23 November 2017

'Below The Line / Beneath Contempt': Act 2

'Below The Line / Beneath Contempt' 

Act 2

Scene 1:

They say in the moments before a calamitous event such as a major car crash time slows down so that the full horror of the inevitable disaster can be seen.

This feels like that.

Why are we continuing with this when there is nothing but a Tsunami of bad news. Nothing good is coming up at all. Nothing. Zilch. Zip. Nada. Everything is grim.

Heading right up shit creek we certainly are!

I've gone past feeling that we could have our happy free lives and fix the world , to a feeling of totally apathy and despair . I and many I know just try to live day to day and keep ones head down so you can no longer see the despair of others around you. I think we as a country feel we are loosing all hope

Is your keyboard fucked?

Sounds like there is debris under the keys. Try turning it upside down and tapping it sharply on a table. If an avalanche of biscuit crumbs fall out you have probably fixed it.

Thanks. Combination of this keyboard and a mashed attempt to hit Cancel. Corrected in alternative post! :)

What we are actually going through is a new industrial revolution and inescapable globalisation, the future must be different to the past. Voting for a return to Warmington-on-sea is just tragic. What we need is a recast democratic socialism comfortable with a knowledge economy, the internet and managing mass migration pressures. We will need migrants to cope with transition.

How wonderfully Marxist.

This idea is utter rubbish.

what is needed is training and experience in strategic planning: outcome evaluation and long term financial budgeting: risk assessments, certainly and PPE essential.
Cyber physical systems. I am I robot. Beep beep boop.

And who will programme these computers? How idiotic.

Lots of busy CCHQ keyboard monkeys.

Are you suggesting we should be concerned about the threat from civil servants?

Scene 2:

The UK is corrupt and presides over the world's largest network of tax havens.
The truth is that the gains were allocated upwards to those who did the outsourcing or handled the inflows of dirty money.
Money and class. Rigged economics tied to class that both left and right refuse to acknowledge.

The establishment, political class and media have very carefully avoided mentioning class for decades, and hid behind identity politics. People who are usually white and privileged seem to have a wilful blindness when it comes to class, but if you benefit from those divisions you would not wish to mention it either.

Things are never an issue if they don't affect you. I think you might find that for an awful lot of people the class divide affects their lives far more than any of the current preoccupations of the left.

Darn it fellow lefties! Foiled again by those suave right wingers....

Of course class is boring....because the laughs are directed at you!

Class doesn't raise a laugh anymore because it's no longer a joke - the lunatics have 
taken over the asylum.

Same thing, despite the pantomime to convince one otherwise.

Ask most people their biggest concerns and it won't be class, it'll be money.

Most of them are bellends, or do a very good job of appearing to be.

Wealth is at the heart of class and there is class warfare at an unprecedented scale these days and it is not in the least bit funny.

Haha, nonsense. You should really do something about that chip on your shoulder. Perhaps if some people put as much effort into their own education and work as they do into inventing excuses for their own failings, we'd all be better off.

Ideas can lead to conflagration very quickly and often while the rump of the population are poo-pooing the threat of the idea.

Class war! Raaargh!

Big Yawn!
The old memes are the best memes!

The British don't do rebellion. They are generally more concerned with grumbling and a bit of twitter / Facebook hate speech from the cosiness of their armchairs.

Scene 3:

'Great' Britain, what has happened to you? The old school tie policy has finally caught up with us and is strangling the very country that gave birth to it. Trouble is, once upon a time a real statesman with a brain that could absorb the education would step in and sort out the rest - not any longer, no light at the end of this tunnel it would seem.

The UK was never ready for liberal centrist thinking and hasn’t yet made a clean break from feudalism.
3) A privately educated elite
2) A ruling class that speak differently
1) A feudal aristocracy that still sit on their vast estates
Look at the UK ......

Right wing and centre right government has created all the problems you have 
Welcome to capitalism. Don't say you weren't warned. But you silent idiot majority kept voting in the same fuckwits decade after decade. And guess what, you did it again. Oh how the politicians laugh at you all.

Public life is full of morons who haven't done a days real work in their lives & know nothing of the real world - they just think they do.

If you don't get this you are missing the fundamental condition of our nation.
They are very different from people who must work to pay their bills, and fools are they who follow them. They do not have 'safe hands'!

We are in an alarming period of having no genuine opposition to this bumbling, terrifyingly obtuse, entitled and ill educated pseudo-regime.

We are governed by the most dismal bunch of philistine idiots.

Too many cowards and money grubbing weasels elected to Parliament for far too long, and its time we had some political giants with raw courage to lead us once more instead of these comedic pygmies. Surely to god we have some in Parliament somewhere worthy of their position and able to meet their responsibilities without first weighing up the financial profits/bribes and personal political gain.

the people of this country have been treated with utter contempt by their government and their representatives. and for some reason, they think they are karma-free.

truthfulness and humility is called for from the top, but i fear they don't do either.

Our political servants have become our masters and it is time to remind them that they represent us and act as we wish. Just who are these arrogant, ignorant and selfish people?

Exactly. Lead the damned country! Forget party politics just for a ducking second and look after your citizens!

It's a joke mate. Not serious, a bit like this clusterfuck of a government we have the misfortune to live under.

Is this our actual government or just playground bullying by a bunch of total incompetents?
The only thing we can do is beat them.

Yes, it does boil down to lack of intelligence. The government appears to be grossly 
Their verdict: shut the f*ck up, leave the decisions to the elite, and get back to cleaning our floors and fixing our plumbing you disgusting chavs.

it means a shower of jizz-wands who can't even remember what they said six months ago, arguing in favour of something they can't even define.

They looked like town hall clerk types. I doubt they'd have managed something that complicated

At fist this made me laugh and roll my eyes and the mindless uselessness of our politicians

Hilariously, one discredited establishment has-been after another is being wheeled out and then hastily wheeled back in, as these deluded egomanics realise that the public has no time for them anymore.

The rug has been pulled from under their feet, and they look like the branch office again.

Personally, I don't care for most of these gestures, but in the spirit of being constructive, I
would like to see public officials sign a statement that they are aware of Whistleblower
Provisions so that they can speak out appropriately when they witness malfeasance.

Why is it so difficult to understand that the people we have chosen to run our country no
longer have a financial stake in its stability? That their money lives in the offshore world and
they use Britain as a convenient base of operations and its population as livestock?

But people still support and vote for the people who don't care about them and openly show they don't care.

In return the government give them small tidbits and wind them up about 
immigrants and dear old Blighty just enough to keep them subservient.
It's astonishing.

But also we must realise that they do not give a shit about what is really happening in this country because it will never affect them....

It all falls to shit when you start questioning people's loyalty, especially when members of our own government demonstrably do not uphold British values.

Okay, there are times when it seems like most politicians are too stupid to read, but I'm pretty sure no-one actually thinks that's true!

This government could (possibly) organise a piss-up in a brewery, but only if it was in their own personal best interests and, as they're making enough money already, and lining themselves up for directorships with multi-nationals, they simply can't be bothered.
They'd probably sell the brewery to the lowest bidder, then the new owners would close it and move production overseas, and then they'd moan about how the piss-up had to be cancelled due to unforeseen events outside their control.

The remedy for our problems no longer lie with politicians, the sooner we all realise this the sooner we will collectively start to create our own solutions to the very many challenges which face us all.

But let's not pretend everything is rosey or indeed ready for reform. There's a very large army on this gravy train.

Let's see what tomorrow brings...

Scene 4:

Do you love your government? And your Queen? Do you trust them. Will they look after you :-)

Billionaires with their hands out for off

We no longer have an Empire, why are we maintaining an Imperial scale royal family?

Who on earth wants to pay for the privilege of being condescended to by these fat parasites any longer? FGS - lets get shut.

The royal family represents stupidity only surpassed by religion.

But we should kick those entitled weirdos out of there!

Cap doffers, honours system sycophants, the English really are as thick as shit to accept this.

Good value for money if you ask me.

You pay then.

Please pledge what you can to 'Parasites in Need'.

th queen reportedly makes cracking scones !

Bread and circuses while the plutocrats rule

You are wrong we clearly do not want it, it is an anachronism

Plutocracy trumps democracy yet again

We are witnessing new levels of take-the-pissery.

Scene 5:

If the people want change they need to either:
A/ Turn out and vote during a general election. Quit being lazy and complicit in their own oppression, stop listening to media owned by wealthy press barons and choose a government which will stand up for their interests.
B/ Revolt and put in place a more suitable form of government with a written constitution and no privileged class based on accidents of birth.

Well said ..... we desperately need practical realism in this dark time ..... not clinging to theories and ideologies.

You should look into the Common Law idea of 'the reasonable man on the Clapham Omnibus', which I think is quite a charming British invention to restrain over-mighty bureaucrats.

Mature democracy the UK? There is a significant difference between cheese that's been left in the fridge to fester for ages and has got all furry and mouldy, and a mature cheese. I'm afraid the UK democracy resembles the former, not the latter

Well that image has just spoilt my lunch, thanks for that.

It's madness. Like living in a shitty dystopian crypto facist nightmare of the 80s!

So why all the bleating?

This what you get after years and years of right wing poison being allowed to be spewed out daily and totally unchecked , you get a large area of society completely contimnated by this poison and unable to understand what has happened to them or to cleanse themselves of this toxic effulent..

I'm rather hoping it'll lead to the end of the bought and paid for farce we call representative democracy and the introduction of direct democracy.

Anyway I think it is clear from all of this that just ignoring a growing proportion of people who feel disenfranchised and vilified is not a good way forward.

No decent person can be proud to be called British any longer.

I really don't know how we progress from here, as a country. What do you do when you realise that fully half the people around you are stupid, or awful, or both? It's not like you can just talk them out of their stupidity, or their awfulness.
Any ideas?

sadly we long gave up a mass media and politics where facts not fiction and myth are airbrushed out of the populist rhetoric. This has long been coming, what with the advent of a consumerist and celebrity directional society that was ironically inherent in the modernisation of liberalism itself.

I know, you were very silly weren't you!

I'm not entirely she he/she/it is capable of anything other than basic instinct.

I find the writing is passionate, skilful, humorous, knowledgeable and above all enlightening.

That is a bit of an invidious statement given the current climate. sadly.

I thought that comment was obvious-if-ham-fisted satire. He didn't mean it, did 

I kind of want to like people and wish i could truly empathise with them. Many of them seem genuine and desperate - you want to give them a hug. But to be honest I would find his task soul destroying.

Probably because these people have no idea what they are actually talking about.
They are living in an alternate reality. I wonder why

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

'Below The Line / Beneath Contempt': Act 1

I've been tinkering around with the piece of text below for ages.  I might be wrong - but it feels like I may have arrived at something resembling a final draft.  I'm still not absolutely sure about its quasi-conventional play structure, and that is one thing which might still change.  However, for now, that does amuse me - and also brings a degree of order to what was, by its very nature, a stream of random, multi-sourced invective, at the start.  It also maintains the sense that this is something which could, in the right circumstances,  conceivably be performed.  Hmmm...

Anyway, what is definitely true, is that this piece was the starting-point for my ongoing 'This S(c)epic Isle' project.  It still seems to encapsulate the essential spirit of the project, not least in its slight tendency towards absurdism.  That, above all, feels like the most appropriate response to our current social/political predicament.
Given that the entire thing is reasonably lengthy, I'll release it in its five separate 'Acts'.  Should I even be letting it out into the world at this stage - and in this form? - I don't really know.  It does feel like I've just been sitting on far too much lately, in what has been a year of relative creative constipation.  You might regard this post (and those which accompany it) as some form of laxative, I suppose.  Whatever - it's done now.


It's probably important to state: the opinions expressed in this piece do or do not necessarily (or unnecessarily) reflect the views of the artist (or indeed - anyone I'd even want to stand next to at the bar).  Also, yes - I have proof-read it.  Grammar and spelling aren't always my strongest suite - but for once, any inconsistencies are not my own.

'Below The Line / Beneath Contempt'

Act 1

Scene 1: 

The British have suddenly discovered the sheer joy of hate and with every day hate more things with ever-greater enthusiasm. Let's see how long we can keep this up

The public debate has already been poisoned. It was poisoned with lies and xenophobia and threats when this whole ghastly process started.

And all this was surmised by a single post on an Internet open forum by some faceless obscure individual?

Fanatics seem to be based online these days. Nothing to worry about.

I thought it was aliens but you could be right.

Keyboards will get a little hot.

I recognise that these are words, but what is the point you are trying to make?

Society is fast becoming a vast collective Twitter spat between two 14-year old keyboard warriors who don't want to lose face over something that is deeply, painfully irrelevant to most of us.

Deluded halfwits always get lots of recommends on comments pages.

Mass stupidity on a gargantuan scale.

That's how fucking miserable this whole charade has become.

Yes, hatred and anger need to be toned down in public discussion. Yes, it would be nice of people could spend a bit more.effort on empathy than judgement.

People read what they want to read -- and the wave of illiberalism sweeping through the comments here really is frightening.

There is no point reasoning with people like this. It is impossible. They do not want to engage in debate, and will actively seek to shutdown discussion through insults and humiliation.

Nasty, vindictive, and pure fantasy.

Hey ho, nowt as strange as folk!

Perhaps investing in a set of good quality 'ear defenders' would do the trick?

In all, I don't not see this working terribly well, tohugh I'll be delighted to be proved wrong.

Scene 2:

There are angry people on both sides, and psychotically angry people at that.

Very well said, respecting other people's views seems difficult to do for this lot.

it's astonishing isn't it, each side's argument is a compelling reason to do the  

They will be roping in everything... newspapers, media, pundits, in an attempt to steam-roller this country into the toilet.

Clean your toilet. Yoy may get the trots!

Their cynicism is breathtaking. And totally unacceptable.

Damn straight!
And the sickos don't even know they are sick.

And this means what?

Gonna get nasty....needs to get nasty......nasty.

ooo.....far right....bring it on....

Little England, on the march!

I want it NOW!!!

Oops... Internet hard man alert!

You are a bunch of mouth-foaming thugs and the public will not stand for your behaviour.

i have had it up to here with these racist xenophobic knuckledragging bigots.

You're right but it basically comes down to the fact that they cannot now been seen to lose face.

You are seriously overreacting.  Insecure, much?

Go ahead. Keep your head in the sand. Just be aware that (in)actions have 

Do you catch glimpses of people following you?

Well if you can't see the bleeding obvious, there's little point explaining it.

Don't be so pathetic.

Believe me you will be held responsible for your actions.

By their fruits shall ye know them.

I think we got the message. We are disgusting and you hate us.  So what?

I can't work out bif you really are the kind of perosn you appear to be...but it might
expalin why you seemed unable to read what I posted.

Oooh, you're funny when you're mad. It's funny how you forget things like 

Don't be an @rse. You know EXACTLY what I'm getting at.

Oh please. You speak for no-one but yourself.

I am sick of all this.

Yes. Take an ice cold shower guys.

Is this cheaper than therapy?

It's difficult to see way out of this ludicrous self-harming.

Why don't you all calm down and find another interest until the New Year

Scene 3:

This is going to be all very shitty isnt it.

One bucket of shit being thrown at another bucket of shit who can tell the difference and who cares.

What a fucking mess.

BS. is something you obviously are familiar with.

I have learned how to avoid the worse diarrhoea before it arrives.

Shit in a tub or shit in a bucket.

Oh look a gilder of turds.

I can't tell whether this is some bizarre attempt at a joke....

it's meant to be satire.

Hush now, the moderators may be listening.

If you can't see the humour when it whacks you round the ear then careful not to let the door whack your arse on the way out.

Your presence here is not obligatory. Off you pop to the pub with your crossword!

Scene 4:

In the end the whole thing is to complex to leave to popularism which is the only we see our government tried up in.

Populism is good because it engages people.
Populism is bad because it imposes binary choices on us, reducing the subtlety that 
is needed to form cohesive societies.

And that's why I think that a period of political and economic instability of the type we are experiencing now is a salutary lesson for all those who thought they had 'nothing to lose'.
For the very good reason that "unorthodox belief or alternative hypothesis" means "fantasy-based bullshit".

This opening of Pandora's box has unleashed an ugly, nasty and corrosive rhetoric fuelled by the right wing press which is being fed directly into the mouths of the populist right. I don't think I have ever feared so much for the future of our county.

You say many baseless things but I'll give you a nine for emotive rhetoric

"This is rhetoric that goes beyond character assassination and rightwing posturing into
something darker and more dangerous. "

What does that even mean? I'm on your side and that sounds ridiculous. If you want to be taken seriously, be credible.

Haha you sod that made me laugh oh god none of this is funny

Do the people claiming the country has gone mad not realise how mad they sound?

Ah, at last a sensible comment amongst so much froth.

Scene 5:

Into power vacuums step the most improbable opportunists.....

In the meantime, we have a rudderless govt careering to disaster with no scrutiny. Terrifying, especially whwn you look abroad to the demogogues eyeing up the vacuum

Vacuum cleaners!

.......from my cold dead hands.

You appear to be a little odd

You sound like a village idiot with that comment, but don't let that put 
you off.

Playing a game that is way beyond your intelligence.

This attitude is exactly why we are at this point in history.

The gleeful hand rubbing, the cackle of schadenfreude.

You reap what you sow. And we are reaping a bitter, angry, hate-fuelled harvest

I don't want to see riots on the streets.  But I'm fascinated to see what happens if they are stupid enough to go ahead.

Dream on. It will be a nightmare.

Yes but it'll be our nightmare

Borderline incitement to violence

And go ahead and riot, I don't know anyone who fears you. Let us know though as we'll need time to buy the popcorn.

I have a theory that the unleashing of chaos is exactly what our inglorious demented leaders desire.

Absolutely. Principles out of the effing window.

Maybe a criminal conspiracy is in the offing?

Could you elaborate? You probably think
this sounds like a clever phrase, but I'd love to hear you explain it.

Its very much like the Roman Republic.
The Patricians whipped up and used the Plebeians to ensure that the Patricians delivered whatever it was that benefitted themselves.
They used the mob.
This is what we see now. Just as it was then and as it is now, the Plebeians do not see that they are being used and indeed do not seem to care.
And dumb down for a decade via education and media to just ensure it
The 1% heard the threats directed at them and said "this will not do, we need the plebs at war with each other, not with us".
And that's where things are going- both here and in the US. I may be paranoid but that's my take on all this bullshit. The media on left and right and their wealthy backers are stirring shit up to provoke civil conflict, if not all out war.

Thankyou for explaing that.

I fear this is all true.

This sort of conspiracy nonsense is why your arguments, quite rightly, are so 
often ignored.

Scene 6:

It's strange how, in politics, like other elite professions (those characterized by power and/or money / social status), almost everything is acceptable to some degree or another - except betraying one of your own.
Above all else, the club.

Some of them seem to revel in the misery they create
Should be there be a psycopath test before being allowed to apply for the job?

Yes these drongos can't be trusted with important decisions

A bankrupt government of nation wreckers staring at the abyss of their own creation...

No one is confronting it. We're all too scared, too apathetic and too irresponsible.

What a useless "contribution".

Do shut up if you've got nothing constructive to add, little person.

burn them burn them all i say stop of a pyre

Scene 7:

People in this country have it so good, they are so lucky, they should be thankful; but instead they are complaining!! whining!! because someone in their country wants to protect the constitution and parliamentary democracy. .

Dear God, you're pompous.

Stop knocking our democatic system and help shape the future. Look to the countries where
there is no democracy and count yourselves lucky.

Bizzarre logic.

Let the idiots and the children have their turn at running things and we'll soon see populism for what it is.

It's easy to make promises and the more outlandish the idea the better it sounds but salon bar common sense politics tend to fall apart very rapidly when it meets the real world.

Ah yes, how the poor and dispossessed whinge, how those without jobs moan, how those without homes complain, those without warmth shiver, how the drowning displace so much water, the hurt rend so much air ...... how those without bang on the doors of those within ...... how thoughtless of them ..... when we're eating

Won't somebody please think of the luncheons!

I'm eating my dinner for god's sake.

So, what's everyone having for tea tonight?


Bloody steak :D

Spam for tea.

Spam sandwiches with lard.

Yep, the spammers are out in full force.

I'd like a sandwich.

I think he's asking for his dinner.

Whereabouts are you ? Let me know and I will send you a few quid to buy yourself some chips and a can of pop. That should cheer you up and get you feeling a bit more perky

And the fish, you forgot about that!

Fish pointer?

Scene 8:

Jesus here was I thinking this was a concise and perceptive analysis of the zeitgeist, albeit without anything resembling a clear solution ( which is the left's obvious problem) but then I read the comments. Fucking hell its like murder out there....where have all these vile thoughts come from?

Cowardlyblackshirtedscumbagland ?

Snappy. Did you think that up?

Begone, with your sesquipedalian ways!

I have a scientific doctorate so have a rough understanding of comolex things. You are qualified as what?

Ok folks, no more entries required in the Insufferably Patronising Git competition. We have a clear winner.

The trouble is for the moment they and their ilk are running the affairs of this cold, remote island...............

Very nice of you to question my critical faculties. My doctorate degree trained my critical thinking skills thank you....

the clear voice of reason. Thank heavens someone is saying this

I am part of an elite, keeping the working class down with my opinions and life choices. So are around half of us, in fact.

The Liberal Elite Knows Best.

Nice of you to approve. Unclear why though. Next time try to elaborate a bit. If you can. Or better yet stfu altogether. And f-off while doing it.

How did the liberal elite acquire the status of elite? And in what sense are they 'liberal'?

Liberal, liberal bla bla liberal bla bla bla....

Here we go again, elites this, elites that.

We are more powerful than you. The elites always win. Accept it maggot.

Just get back on the meds, you'll feel better soon!

Until you do that you may as well put ashtrays on motorbikes.

What are you wittering about?

Scene 9:

May Britain sink in its own mire. What an utterly stupid nation this has become.


... why are the Brits so staggeringly stupid?! ...

heartbreaking, isn't it?

Britain is actually a disgusting country!!

Why talk down your own country?

Isn't it time the British public sought to change this, or is apathy part of the national character?

In this country, we all love Morris Dancing.

Maybe it reveals the British are not morally superior to everyone else, and never 
were. A revelation to some.

Nothing like tarring everyone with the same brush,

So we're saving Morris Dancing?

Dear British. Do you actually listen to yourself? You should!

What a bunch of children we are. An international laughing stock.

I believe you. I suspect there are many people who also believe you.

I'll Scream and scream until I'm sick. It won't make a blind bit of difference.

A childish and (of course) illogical comment.

Scene 10:

Poor old Britain
Decades of horror to come.

Be vigilant, friends !!!

We are headed towards the buffers and implosion of the UK is virtually inevitable. All these ostriches with their heads in the sand are no longer just puzzling; they are suicidal. And the greatest tragedy is that they are determined to take down the rest of us as they drag us over the cliffs into penury.

So the status quo as per usual then.

Or lets just all go to bed and hide under the covers and see what happens...

I've started building the equivalent of an elizabethan-era Priest's Hole behind 
my fireplace.

Have you been to Germany? Sure beats Peterborough.

No I haven't actually. I'd rather visit Bavaria than Peterborough.

It's a shambles a complete & utter shambles these people have not a clue about what they are doing.

What a positive fellow you must be!

Being realistic is the best way to be positive.

It seems project 'brainwash the gullible' has worked.

Spoilt brat who can't get his own way. Diddums.

What a gullible fellow you must be!

What a complete cretin you are. If all you can do is sneer, go play your frucking 

Repeating this kind of unsupported bollocks, ad naseum, doesn't make it any more true you know??

Wow I'd put an ice pack on your head. The fever is clearly having side effects.

More petty, maggot minded sententious slop.

If you don't see a little bit of yourself here why the reaction?

You've missed the point spectacularly.

You've well and truly been fooled.

There's a lot of rough talk around at the moment, please don't take it personally. Hopefully we'll all learn to grow up a bit soon.