Sunday, 16 July 2017

Elided Views 2: Cloud Of Unknowing

All Images:  Digbeth, Birmingham, June 2017

We are pleased to be returning in April for the next session of our working group on further and higher education.  Distant bulbs glow inside a tank of Information, whilst a floating lock secures the truncated Entrance.  We do a lot of work for some of the UK’s biggest digital, marketing and advertising agencies under a white label basis, so most of this we can’t disclose.  There is a small Push against translucency, and a mocking reversal floats beyond.  We urge all those working within the creative sector to join the Federation and support their superb work.

The VR market is going to grow at a rapid rate and it is estimated that by 2020 there will be some sort of VR device in most homes.  An apparition has materialised amidst leather seating and designer lighting, and high-quality hardwood flooring is employed throughout.  Inside Out tracking will get rid of the reliance on a hefty PC and the sensors as it will all be contained within the VR headset itself – nobody wants to accidently kick the cat/dog or trip over anything while doing this! This should also keep the cost down for anyone wanting to get the full Room Scale experience.

An anchor-point rises amidst curls of tape and the detritus of vacation.  The new studio is due to open in September, with the fit-out of the office space currently underway.  Also, an empty space is required to safely navigate the VR world.  The Fragile contents are boxed up beneath the desk.  If you wanted to duck under a table in a VR world then the user simply ducks with their own body and the VR sensors will pick up the movement and replicate it in the VR world.

Traditional leaded panes can be protected behind sheets of clear acrylic, but it is still necessary to highlight stray bullet holes.  This is fine as gamers are often the adopters of early technology and games are perfect for a platform like VR.  Augmented Reality is also looking very promising and I believe the mix of both VR and AR will be built into most new headsets over the next few years.  Elliptical balconies hover over the façade - like a retro-futurist mirage.  It’s kind of tricky to explain fully, but take a look at this video to see the full potential of Mixed Reality…

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